New Easy To Use Wordpress Plugin...

Grabs Your Visitors Attention
Without Annoying Them And
Convert Them Into Buyers!


From: Jeff Bode

Dear WP Blog User,

When visitors go to your blog, you want to grab their attention, right?

And you want to show them the message you want them to see....

There are several plugins that do that... such as pop up plugin, or corner peel plugin or something alike. And they are all working great. If you have those plugins, congratulations.

But today, I want to introduce you to a brand new plugin called

WP Expander

How does it attract so much attention?

WP Expander plugin is designed to grab your visitors attention when they arrive on your blog.

It's a direct replacement for the default WordPress text widget, but includes one very special addition.

It allows you to specify a time in seconds before the text widget reveals itself by unfolding in your sidebar. It uses jquery, and the effect is very cool and will certainly get your visitors attention.


For example, you could use it as your subscriber sign-up box by posting your autoresponder code into the box. Then set the delay to 7 seconds which we think is the ideal time - you'll have to experiment to find what works best for your blog.

So the page loads, then after 7 seconds your sign up box appears pulling your visitors eyes to your offer to get them to sign up.

Watch this video now to see how this amazing plugin works....

You can even do clever stuff like stacking the text widgets on top of each other and revealing a new line of text every specific time (in second), just like it shows on the demo blog.

You can even put the banner (suggested 125x125 in size) and you can also put your opt in form there too.... you can see it in the demo blog after 20 seconds.

All you have to do is to enter the Title and then in the content box, input html code to the message you want it to appear.

This plugin is not intrusive at all and it will grab your visitors attention to the new message that show up.

Is this cool or what?

I highly recommend you to use this plugin for all of your blogs. And as such, this plugin comes with UNLIMITED INSTALLATION ON ALL DOMAINS THAT YOU OWN. Yes, you only have to pay for this one time and install on as many domains that you own!

I know this plugin will bring you more cash (I've personally seen the results on my own blogs) I want to make sure you can own this plugin ... So, I am pricing it at very low price.... but first check out these great bonus plugins

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What you will get with this purchase?

You will get these plugins to use on unlimited number of domains that you own

You will get step by step instructions for all plugins

Also you will get a video tutorial showing you how to install and use the WP Extender plugin


Get your plugins today and start using them....

Only $47 $14.97

PS Remember other attention getting plugins sell for $47 to $97 and you're visitors will be much more likely to come back versus going to a site with an annoying popup plugin plus you risk nothing with a 30 day money back guarantee.